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Patch 0.7.0e Fractured items left and right at 85% sucess chance or higher

I dunno what you guys did or maybe is just my bad luck, but I havent managed to craft anything because of this RNG.
It would be a thousand times better to get a system that dont rely so much in RNG or give us rare crafting materials that give us 100% sucess chance.


Just came here to make this thread. I’ve just fractured at least 5/6 crafts at 70% or higher success chance. Definitely seems bugged.

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I’ve had several times where items fracture at 90%… something seems fishy for sure.

Didnt played for like a week, decided to play a bit today and maybe craft a new weapon. 99% chance of sucess on this better base damage polearm, nice right ?
-Wrong… fractured at 99%. Come on guys this just fells wrong and cheap, its not like its happens to me once or twice every 100 crafts I do at 90% it happens all the time, 90% fells most of the time like 50/50 gamble.

I like the system and that we can aim our affixs but at least make it that I can get 2 affixs to t5 without having this feeling of 50/50 gamble all the time, it just leaves a bad taste in ur mouth.

Edit. Hopefully this is a bug and not really how its gonna be at release.

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I do think it’s a bug, or a wrong calculation. It’s been addressed before by the devs in some patches, and it does seem to happen less. At least for me. But still too often, compared to it only being a 1-10% fracture chance on those crafts.

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