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Passive Node Ideas - Sentinel



Hey there, everyone! We have community members constantly pitching ideas for passive nodes scattered around our social channels and as we dive into some updates to the passive trees we’d like to invite you to place your ideas in one centralized location - here! You may just see your idea or an iteration of it show up in-game.

Let us know if your node idea is for the base class or a mastery class.

Master threads for passive ideas

Some of these might fit better as skill tree nodes, but here’s a dump of ideas.

  • Chance for slain enemies to explode in a void/spell/aoe explosion.
  • When you kill an enemy affected by Time Rot, up to X applications move to another nearby enemy.
  • Chance for shields created by the Shield Crafter node to shatter when they expire or break, dealing physical damage to the nearest enemy.
  • When you kill an enemy affected by one of your damage over time effects, gain a buff based on the remaining duration of that DoT effect, the less time remaining the bigger/longer the buff.
  • If your block chance is greater than X%, gain /buff effect/, otherwise /other buff effect/
  • Chance when hit to gain a stack of Burning Ire, upon reaching X stacks, lose them all and deal fire damage over time to nearby enemies for X seconds.
  • Each time a nearby ally is hit, gain a stack buffing that makes enemies more likely to attack you. Cannot gain stacks if you’ve been hit recently.
  • Conversion passives for each mastery class- something like other passive bonuses that grant void damage instead grant physical/fire/etc.
  • Deal fire/physical retaliation damage when hit.
  • All thrown attacks throw X additional projectiles but have X% less attack speed.
  • Every X hits or every X seconds your next hit does /effect/. I think this might be a better way to balance the current passives that give a buff every few seconds- letting them be attractive to both fast and slow hitting builds. Another option could be letting the buff effect apply faster at lower power, but stack such that a fast hitting build can get one application of the buff every few hits, while a slow hitting build gets several applications every hit.


Those are some spicy suggestions as always Arborus.

  • Each time a nearby ally is hit, gain a stack buffing that makes enemies more likely to attack you. Cannot gain stacks if you’ve been hit recently.

I especially love this one but I don’t think we can do it in a passive form. I’m going to try and work it in to a skill though. Lots of great stuff in there too, that was just the one that stuck out as being awesome to me.

  • X% increased damage for each hit blocked in the last X seconds
  • Converts X% of any resistance stat into added damage of this damage type. For example you lose X% of your armor to get this amount as added physical damage.
  • As a forgeguard, you master the weapon evocation, any throwing attack skill now uses the weapon itself and have access to the weapon damage stat for the damage calculation.
  • As a forgeguard, the void essence you would create are now fire essences, increasing elemental resistances instead of void. Same for paladin that would create Holy essences, with another buff instead of the void resistance, not sure which one though.

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Rain of Hammers - You don’t throw them but you can magicly call them down on you’r enemys. Something like rain of arrows Just with more style!
Sign of the Gods - Conjur a magical Giant Hammer (or whatever is the weapon of the god lore wise [So realy big]) and smash it down on you’r foes.
Survival of the fittest - make skill x y or z available while you spin to win.

  • When you deal a critical hit, slows enemy hit down by X% for Y seconds
  • Grants X% increased movement speed when available mana is below zero
  • Grants ward of X each second that you are stunned


Hi, I don’t had a lot of time to play.
I essentially play melee pure thunder spellblade and tornado shaman.

I play just a little with a sentinel, with a vengeance build.

I really like forge-guard conecpt.
For passive I like on block effect that could give a buff or cast “spell” like ligtening rain of the mage.
It could not be a pssive but item affixes or unique item bonus.

On forge-guard, we could have temporary pet on kill: chance to anime weapon of the dead monster.

Sorry for my english.


Some ideas after playing a forge guard:

Passive tree

  • Forged in Flames - Gain (1/2/3/4/5) fire damage to attacks per 200 armor. Requires a two handed weapon.

  • Parry - Gain (5/10/15/20/25)% Dodge Chance (NOT rating). Cannot use a shield. Cannot use a two handed weapon. Cannot dual wield. +20% attack speed. (probably more appropriate on rogue).

Forge strike

  • Quench - +30% mana cost. Forge strike applies Quench for 4 seconds on hit. Quench converts 100% of fire damage into physical damage and grants 100 armor penetration. (Global fire to phys buff not just forge strike)

  • Crush - Forged strike instantly slays enemies below 20% life. Gain (4/8/12/16/20) armor for 2 seconds for each enemy slain this way.

Manifest Weapon

  • Master of Blades - Adds 5 second cooldown. Your next skill also does not interrupt your actions.

  • Blade Sentinel - Manifest weapon creates an untargetable minion for 5 seconds that stays at the sentinel’s side, attacking enemies in range with melee damage.

  • Mirror Sentinel - Max mana -40. Blade Sentinel mimics the active attacks of the sentinel at 20% damage. (does not copy counterstrikes, only active attacks)


Sounds nice ! like it !


This seems fun! I’ll try some ambitious Void Knight ones!


Far distanced single node

Reverses the animation

Changes the animation from slamming to pulling the weapon out of the ground

Increases the AoE

Adds a 0.5 - 1.5 second animation of the void moving from character to outward

I believe there should be no damage changes as this makes you more susceptible to long ranged monsters who typically have the highest chance of killing you.
This would change Erasing Strike from being a main skill, to a situational or a wave initiation skill.


Void beams also scale with 10/20/30/40/50% of your increased physical damage

Currently I’m not aware of anyone playing Hybrid Void Knight. This would help it!


Release a void beam for 3 seconds after fully charging Rebuke

Rebuke is a great mechanical skill, I believe beamers could also use it better if they had something more to choose from there.


Increases your critical strike multiplier by 15/30/45/60, lose an additional 1/2/3/4% of health every time when you use a skill

Ephemeral Stance should be the opposite of what Holy Aura currently is. Even right now I’d say that Holy Aura provides too many offensive buffs.


You lose mana instead of health when you use a skill

7% health already barely hurts you and with mana already being a problem for the Void Knight, this would make it a difficult option to choose from. I right now personally would not pick it but I believe plenty of people would see it as a favorable option.


I would like to see a Talent that give you every 5 or 10 Seconds(example) a free potion.
Maybe something like that:
1 Points = 20% to get a free Potion
2 Points = 40% to get a free Potion
3 Points = 60% to get a free Potion
4 Points = 80% to get a free Potion
5 Points = 100% to get a free Potion
Theres an 5 point bonus when you reach it:
Every Potion will give you 25% or 50% of your mana pool back or a fix stat like 25-50 mana.
Potions will give you now also a 25% of your total Elemental Resistance or AttackSpeed/Damage/Health what ever
Call that talent maybe Potion master or something like that :grin:
What you think about it?


To go a bit further we could call it “Path of Potion” or “Potion of the Exile” :stuck_out_tongue: @daCe
Joke aside, I don’t think they want to go the same way as PoE regarding potion so not rly likely to see this kind of potion effects.


I dont play Poe so much/often,so if they have a talent like that,than sorry.
Atm i try a talent that gives me a hugh damage bonus when i use a potion until i get a hit. Sure theres also an talent that gives a higher chanse to get potion,but sometimes (boss fights) i dont have any potion left,so a free potion every 10 secs or so would be nice.
But its only a idea,not more :wink:


Not really a talent in PoE but you can use different potions types, some increase attack speed, movement speed, resistances, damage etc… So it looked a lot like you suggested ^^


An aura around you that lowers enemy’s armor and/or protections based on 20% of your own armor.


I think there should be some more ways to have summons. I’m interested in being able to play an aura paladin, but solo (not online). Currently I can go into forgemaster some to get to be able to summon armor who can benefit from my auras, but it would be nice if paladin, or forgemaster, had more minion type summons. This is a cool nifty build archetype I think.

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