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Passive Node Ideas - Mage



Hey there, everyone! We have community members constantly pitching ideas for passive nodes scattered around our social channels and as we dive into some updates to the passive trees we’d like to invite you to place your ideas in one centralized location - here! You may just see your idea or an iteration of it show up in-game.

Let us know if your node idea is for the base class or a mastery class.

Master threads for passive ideas

Not sure where this would work, just some ideas:
Chance to double cast spells.
Chance for a free cast.
Chance for cooldown reset.
X% of Fire damage gets converted to ice damage, same with other options.


Epic Affix - % chance to cast elemental nova opposite of your highest resistance.



Spell Cascade - casts a random spell while you cast Spell X. So casting Fire Nova for example shoots out a firball… without all the skilled passive powerups for sure :D. You can go through a whole spectrum of all the stuff.
all kinds of X into Y dmg transformation. I was sad to see that flamereave can’t be all lightning for example.


First I want to say, the job on mage passive is already great.
I meanly play melee pure thunder spellblade (full melee manastrike other active are for protection) with passive that augment attck speed. i used the ligthnening spell manastorm and shock from manastrike with passive that augment spell damage with melee attack. Other passive are the one that augment max mana and ward creation/retention.

I love passive that cast spell like ligtening rain.
For spellblade, passives that play on chaining melee and spell are good mecanisn.

There is a lot to do with ailment. We can do something with applying the three elemental ailment (chill, shock and ignite) on same monster for multi element build.
Or just with two element like chance of special effect on chilled monster when attacking with thunder.

I don’t really like on kill effect, but I understand that it is aninteresting mecanism.
Perhaps some passive that give bonus with ward value (like the unique bee sword).

I really like the idea of double cast. Free cast is great too but I will not use it personnaly.

For runemaster, the same as ailment but for the caster. A little like rune word.
That it if rune are like buff on the ground given by others passives or tree on skill… That could be great :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for my english.
Hoping that help.


New player here, I’m not sure I’ve even had a look at all the existing passives, but excited to contribute!

A few ideas-

  • I really like being able to leech life/mana back, so some % conversion skills are always great.
  • I’m definitely enjoying the “Every 3 seconds, your next spell is 20% stronger” passive, though I wish there was a visual indicator.
  • Aura-style passives that do something like “shock a random nearby enemy with lightning every second” always light up the screen and give me a rewarding feeling of power.
  • Juggling elements adds a great mechanic too. “20% more damage for each unique element you’ve cast” or “More damage if you’ve cast a cold, a fire, and a lightning spell in the past 5 seconds”
  • I’d love some skills that augment my performance based on enemy health. Something like “Deal 50% more crit damage to enemies on full life, and 10% more critical strike chance to enemies below 30% health”
  • It’s always visually satisfying to have some on-death mechanic for enemies, like “Enemies killed with fire damage explode, igniting nearby foes for 10% of their life”.
  • Passives that augment pacing are also fun. “20% more cast speed if you’ve cast 4 spells in the past 2 seconds” or “20% increased critical strike chance if you haven’t cast a spell in 2 seconds”.