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Passive Node Ideas - Acolyte



Hey there, everyone! We have community members constantly pitching ideas for passive nodes scattered around our social channels and as we dive into some updates to the passive trees we’d like to invite you to place your ideas in one centralized location - here! You may just see your idea or an iteration of it show up in-game.

Let us know if your node idea is for the base class or a mastery class.

Master threads for passive ideas

A passive that summons a new Skeleton every X seconds (up to your Skeleton limit)

EDIT: My bad, i was thinking about Skill Augments in the skill tree.
I have not played enough to unlock the passives for Necromancer, so maybe it already exists?


Would still be a fun endgame passive to have, though :smiley:


Deal x% more damage, on enemies with only 1 curse active.
Deal x% more damage on enemies with more than x curses active.
Cursed enemies explode on death.
x% chance to spread a curse on kill.
x% chance for a curse to stack x amount of times.
x% more damage at low health.
x% chance to survive a fatal hit.
x% more health regeneration, if x corpses are nearby.

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Posession - You posess an enemy and link you spells to him, so the startpoint of all you’r casts is the posessed enemy.
Merge Undead - Transformer skelettons ftw! You merge X skeletons into an uber SKELETON. it get’s enhanced stats and if you can spawn more minions you can transform them into more uber SKELETONS.
Shade - immunity frame for X (0.08 sec or something) after you cast a spell.


What i always like is, if skills change your gameplay, or make you think about things while you play and not just in terms of your Setup/Build/Loadout.

For example a gain a stackable buff which increases the Attackspeed and the Dmg done but also the Dmg taken.

You can use a Skill which consumes the Stacks and does a big chunk of dmg.
Could be a new or an existing one.
So you always have to balance between Survival and Dmg.
Depending on the Scaling the balancing has to account for DoT Playstyles so it doesnt go completly out of controll.

For example:

Max stack: 10
1% Attackspeed/stack
0,5% Dmg. done/stack

2% Dmg. taken/stack

10% Attackspeed
5% Dmg done

20% Dmg. taken

From what i see there are maybe two different ways to look at this.

  1. The Stacks are capped and the growth pattern are linear.
  2. The Stacks are not capped and the growth patterns are exponential.

The first one is easier to balance while the second one would be, in my opinion, more fun and the players would have a higher skill cap to reach.

so long :slight_smile:


Warlock ideas:

  • X seconds delay in heal when using a potion, Y% increased potency per point.
  • Prevents all healing for X seconds per point. Gain 0.5% added spell damage for Y seconds per point of health that would have been gained.
  • Consuming a potion no longer heals you, instead it deals damage in an area around you. X meters added range per point.


Bouncing of the idea from @GeoGalvanic and what came to my mind when looking at my Lich was:

When a shield is equipped:

  • 100% reduced health regen when no dmg. taken in the last x seconds.
  • 50% of the lost regen is applied to mana instead.
  • After dmg. is taken the regen doenst kick in until 2 sec. after that

Even though it may be a balancing thing, but what i encountert was that i sometimes stand without mana and full life and have to wait and run around.

Of course it should be easily fixable via balancing but the situations could also be used to play “around with it” :slight_smile:

so long


I don’t actually have the game yet so if I suggest something that is already in the game I apologize. Also not really sure what you guys on the dev team are looking to do with the passives. From the ones I can see they seem to affect numbers more than actual gameplay which in my opinion makes them feel kinda boring (not to be mean I feel bad typing this because I love you guys and what you’re doing).

Necromancer Passives I would like to see (or if they spark a cool idea that’d be cool too) -

  1. Unholy Ground - When a minion dies it poisons the ground around it (radius of poisoned ground could be tied to max health of minion to make it more impactful when stronger minions die). Damage scaling on a per point basis maybe?

It would have pretty good synergy with the sacrifice skill setting the stage for some kind of minion death build.

  1. Fanatical Rebirth - x% chance per point to bring the enemies you kill back to life upon death to fight for you for x seconds. (I just love the idea of having an enormous undead army >.<) capped at however many summons it needs to be for balance sake. (Just saw the Putrid Retribution passive not sure if this one is too similar to that one but they are a bit different so I figured I’d leave it here)

  2. Blood for Bone - Permanently sacrifice x% of your own max hp per point to increase your maximum skeleton summons by x.

Lich -

  1. Lich - Your soul is stored in an ancient phylactery preventing you from dying even when all health is lost. If health is below x% for too long your phylactery becomes exposed and if it is hit death is instant. (This one could be similar to the “Necromancy” passive in that taking it would prevent taking any of the other 2 mastery class passives)

Can’t think of any more right now so if/when I do I’ll come back and post em

Edit: After playing for a bit I realized some of these already exist in some form via the skill specializations

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