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Paladin Retaliation build 0.7.8f

Hey everyone, Im back and here ya go! Full retaliation High Block Paladin ward build!


I tried something “similar” (ie, a retaliation build, but Forge Guard & using Rebuke) & it just felt bad, I was using Hammer Throw for damage instead of Rebuke (my originial intention). :frowning:

Not surprised you went with Holy Aura though.

Why the Collateral Damage node on Ring of Shields though? It’s flat damage & the shields are minions so they don’t benefit from any of your damage modifiers.

And don’t forget that Prayer is still currently bugged & doesn’t give you any benefit if the heal that procs it would heal you to greater than your max hp.

And welcome back?

Still get it for 1 second :stuck_out_tongue:

I was gone a whole week with no computer (thats a long time for me)

Have you thought about counciling for the withdrawl?

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i found an internet connection, counciling crisis averted

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Be strong brother!

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How far does this build push?

Going to try it out with Sunforged Greathelm and whatever means possible to raise Poison, Void and Necrotic as I do not have a character high enough to gamble for the neck.

Helm Reference:

Will probably need to drop Lunge for more defense/protections such as Sigils.

Havent had the time to fully push it yet, but im feeling its minimum 200+ waves.

What is the synergy mechanic of Abysmal Echoes? The increased global dmg (4/4 node) and the AoE that causes the dmg to instantly apply if they take a hit? The AoE seems like it would be a bit weak without a good amount of increased Void Dmg passives/affixes/idols.

all you care about is the 4/4 28% increased melee damage PER cast in last 4 seconds. THis allows 200 - 1000% increased melee damage depending how you have it set up and thats what makes vengeance hit so hard

Can someone tell me if the Healing Effectiveness stat will increase all the little heals Paladins can get from passives and skill nodes? Examples:

Gain 25 Health when you hit with Vengeance
Gain 6 Health when you hit with Lunge

etc, that kind of thing

No, 'cause health on hit isn’t a heal (nor would it affect leech). Healing Effectiveness affects heal skills, such as Healing Hand & the AoE from Judgement.

Damn. I think I’ve screwed my build then…here’s the potential final nail in the coffin, do I count as an ally of myself? For example in the Grace node of Smite.

Generally no, “allies” does not include the player, at the moment it’s just minions. And currently Smite’s AoE heal won’t heal the player (though it will proc health on hit from the initial hit but not fissure).

Edit: Which sucks.

Smite’s AoE is definitely healing me, I tested it extensively. I let trash whale on me till my health was about 66% and a single Smite insta-healed me to full. (I have quite a bit of healing Effectiveness).

Are you sure you didn’t have any health on hit? I put an Exsanguinous on my Forge Guard, waited till the HP stabilised then used a Smite on the training dummy & my hp went up by 16 (from 136 to 152) due to Regenerator. If the AoE did heal, I’d have expected to hit 172 hp, which would have been quite noticeable.

Plus the devs have said before that “allies” does not include the player, though IMO Smite’s heal should also heal the caster.

I tried your experiment with Exsanguinous. My health dropped off to 53. I then cast Smite on the dummy from way out of range and health went to 87. I guess that’s my Health on Hit? I then retried by casting Smite within the heal range (i.e right beside the dummy) and my Health went to 335. And 3 casts of Smite took me to full health (751).

That’s very odd as I’m not getting any different healing whether I’m right next to the dummy or a long way from it. The only other Smite-related things I have are the smite-on-throwing-attack idol & Temporal Corruption. Perhaps Temporal Corruption removes the heal from Smite?

Just did a small test & without Temporal Corruption my hp went up to ~172 when standing right next to the dummy, so I’ll be posting that as a bug then as the passive makes no mention of removing the heal…

Edit: D’oh!

We have a winner.

So…does this mean I am my own ally, given Smite’s wording?

For Smite’s heal, yes, but generally no. Though I can’t find the post from the devs that talks about allies.

Edit: In support for my argument though, Smite’s heal that only state’s allies will heal the player, but Shield Throw’s Aegis node (Shield Throw can target allies & grants them armour) doesn’t affect the player, nor does it’s Faithguard node.