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Paladin Passive "Prayer" not functioning?

Hello I think the paladin’s passive “Prayer” isnt working.

It states: “You have increased damage and healing effectiveness if you have healed yourself or an ally recently”.

I have 4/10 points into this passive, which should grant me 28% Damage & Healing Effectiveness, when I use a heal on my self. Just as a sort of safety net for testing, I’ll toggle Ephemeral Stance ON; losing 7% current health when using a skill. Then Ill use healing hand to heal myself and hopefully trigger the Prayer passive.

Unfortunately looking at the character sheet, I dont see any increases (for example, after a heal, i dont see Basic Attack DPS, Ignite Damage, Healing Effectiveness increased in the sheets)

Video of this can be seen here:

I’ve tested this internally and the node is generally working.

However, if the amount of health you heal is greater than the amount of health you have missing, it won’t work. (i.e. if Healing Hand would heal for 100 health and you only have 50 health missing, it won’t work).

We’ll look into this, thanks.

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ive started to play 2 days ago and ive also noticed this, ive found that someone already reported this, fixing this passive will help for a paladin tree for sure, in the story mode when we have a low hp this node is non-usable at all, idk about endgame when hp will be higher - but i suppose non-usable also

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