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Pack Hunters Summon Wolf needs two skill key?

So with the “Pack Hunters” wolf passive we can summon an additional wolf. But once I summon one wolf, the skill key becomes the “Howl” state and cannot summon the additional wolf. I am pretty sure I haven’t exceeded the max companion threshold. If I add an additional “summon wolf” skill to my 5 skill slot, I am able to summon the additional wolf.

Is this intended? If so, it defeats the purpose of having an additional wolf right? Why don’t I just summon another pet to add versatility if it requires two skill key?

What other minions do you have active? The Summon Wolf skill is supposed to be replaced by the Howl ability whenever you reach your companion limit or maximum amount of wolves, whichever is lower. It isn’t designed so that you need to use multiple skill slots.

Oh, thanks for the clarification! Just tried if I haven’t reached my max companion, then it works as intended! Some help text on the skill would be very helpful!

There seems to be bug here, I was able to reproduce the issue 9/10 times with the following:

  1. Start with no companions and 2 summon wolf abilities in toolbar.
  2. Remove one summon wolf ability from toolbar
  3. Summon wolf

Summon Wolf ability is now replaced with Howl ability even though companion limit or wolf limit is not reached.


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