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Our New Skeleton Models

Last month we posted about our plan to replace the skeleton models used in Last Epoch. In that post we shared some of the concept art we had created for these new skeletons, and since then our Art Team have been working hard to bring them to life undeath.

These new skeletons aren’t finished just yet - we’re still discussing some of the finer points that goes into making models for our game, such as making adjustments to the palette for greater contrast between different materials (particularly between the leather and bone).

Click on an image to see a larger version.


Skeletal Assassin


Skeletal Warrior


Skeletal Archer


Skeletal Caster

Speaking of our Art Team, @Sarth recently got a new forum avatar! We’ll be posting about the winning entry from our latest poll in the near future, along with potentially doing a subsequent post focusing on the skill that came in second place at a later date.



Do these models replace only enemy skeletons or do they apply on the necro minions, too?

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The skeletons aren’t sure whether you’ll defeat the Immortal Empire, so they’re hedging their bets and joining both sides. :smile:


Assassin by far. Love the hood and the cloak

Unfaithful bastards they are :angry:

But… cool :smile:


Yo those assassins look sic

No eyes for the Boney guys! (tried ot make a queer eye for striaght guy joke) but overall love the new look <3

They have a lot of class now.

gonna roll necro asap after new models are implemented, badass looks!

Well then one things for sure: No skellys when the dust clears from battle! LOL

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