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Orbadin of Doom v1.0 Nearly Perfect


All Skill Trees included

Hey Community
i think after long time i will show the next Hammerdin Style

Stronk Orb = Doom :smiley:

Higest Dps

Fast Movement
25-35k+ krits (more posible)
Crit 21% chance 400% crit multiplyer PwePwe

Nothing atm.

65% block chance can be improved then less dmg
Glancing not perfect need be 100% !

Skill trees
Hammer Throw

Crazy dps

Holy Aura Dmg+Crit+Speed push

Devo Orb

More dmg !


Resists push + Invicible by Rush

Volitate Reversal

Movement Speed + Reset into mid instant kill monsters + Attackspeed


Wapon should look like this “Base” Just Craft Crit Chance + Crit Multi ! Same for Slot & Stun chance base is perfect cause of the “Stun chance directly on it” “or bleed on hit”

Amulet must be looks like this this the only way to leech life ! & Gain more StronK

Boots Helmet & Chest stacking Str + Dex like every point Str & Dex make us 4% StronKer !

Passives (Not Finished right now !)

Update comes with lvl 90+ !!




Just for Holy Nova + More STRONK


How to play

Just Orb Orb Orb

Cheers & Enjoy One of the Newst Builds of ThaPuckyman Factory of Crazy Builds
If you like give me a Heart <3

Greets ThaPuckyman enjoy my Daily Livestreams <—


To avoid being too negative. I think its a bit much to call your build nearly perfect…

Also to avoid being too negative. I’ll start with a pretty major flaw in your volatile reversal build.
Ancient reversal is an absolute must. Its double the duration of any buffs you’ve already invested 6 points in. There’s no debate here its just wrong:P
There’s a lot of other issues in the build(your hammerthrow skill tree for example)…but hey.
Not to mention your highly questionable protection balance/life ratio. Your necrotic/void protection? Hmm…What arena waves did you hit?


first of all “for me its nearly perfect” cause 2 levels left and gear… but ty.
the hammer Throw build is like it should be … ! what should be wrong ??
Same for all the others and there is nothing wrong actualy. If you see issues i got no issues. 200-300+ actualy i do not rly play more LE cause of high fps issues in arena with mage and not even the time to go over 200-300 arena in one rush cause of Rl. btw i can call it what ever i want :wink: if you got a problem with it your thing :slight_smile: cheers p.s its not a void hammerdin…

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