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Option to Howl (Summon Wolf) not available

Can no longer manually use Wolf’s howl when combined with unique item “The Claw”
The Claw allows wolf summons up to companion limit. Attempting to cast the spell when all companion slots filled results in a newly summoned wolf replacing an existing companion.
ex: 4 companion limit (3 wolf + 1 bear), attempting to howl results in 4 wolfs.

I suspect that the skill node for summoning wolfs up to companion limit also has the same bug.

The skill should be changed such that if the companion limit is reached, do the active skill, else summon.

Hm, I just tried the situation you described and Howl worked just fine. Did you move which key Summon Wolf / Howl is bound to during this process?

I just tested it again and it seems to work fine now. I swear that during my last session this occurred.

It might because I put a node into the skill mid session.
Regardless restarting the game fixes it.

Oh and I did rebind the key.