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Online Class passive tree and Skill tree for theory crafting

Would be a nice feature for all the people who like to theory craft before deciding on a class and build they would like to play.


Ingame library with all the skills and trees would also be a huge QoL

If Dammitt creates a comparable website to his with then we’ll surely be in for a treat. Though, I imagine he’d do so after the games launch for any build calc as the skills/passives are altered quite a bit from patch to patch. Also, to fully emulate what he did with GrimTools he would require some communication with Last Epoch game files (which Sarno has mentioned that they are exploring ways of doing so in the future). However, LastEpochTools is already a great resource for all the items in the game.

There’s also been others asking for access to certain game information to generate build calc’s, so perhaps there’ll be more than one solution out there after launch.


LE calc is in the works, progress is a bit slow, but steady.
Small preview for those who are interested (this is early WIP):


Heads up, the sprites are changing for the skill trees this next patch.


Thanks! Although the stuff you see in the preview is built automatically based on unity rects/images/etc extracted from game resources., so there shouldn’t be many issues I suppose.

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Dammit is a rockstar. Grim Tools is probably the only add-on resource in Grim Dawn that I think you can’t live without. Well, you could but I’d fight you over that. I check LastEpochTools all the time already and I keep checking also to see if the “Under Construction” window has opened yet. :smiley:

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I can not tell you enough how much i appreciate your work you did for GD and now LE! GD tools helped me out so much over the years and now you continue the work for LE, just awesome.

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OH man! I believe that it’s possible I spent more time on grimtools creating and tweaking builds than I did actually playing Grim Dawn. I look forward to doing the same with LastEpochTools!

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You sir (or madam/etc) are a ****ing god amongst geeks. Grim Tools is awesome and I’m really looking forward to LETools.

Nice! I love your Grim dawn tools didn’t realize you making one for Last Epoch.
Bookmarked it.

This made me even more excited for game launch.
GrimTools is such an amazing resource, so thank you in advance :smiley:

One more preview:


Are we there yet?

Good job!

Love your work on GD. Its great to see that we are gonna get something similar to it

This is looking amazing! I look forward to theory-crafting hundreds of builds just like I did while playing Grim Dawn. For me, your website single-handedly extended my enjoyment and play time of that game. Many thanks!

This is going to be awesome. Thank you

Dammit is awesome and without grimcalc I probably never woulda got into GD as much as I did.

He won’t let you guys down

Another preview: