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Ok this Might Be a long Shot But please listen

could it be alright if we are allowed to have discord game overlay so we can be better integrated in talking with the community? I see nothing but benefits here.


+1 here

You dont have 2 monitors?

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No, I have one 60inch monitor

You need dual montitors makes it so muc heasier :slight_smile:


From a rules standpoint, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with overlays. While we do ask that anyone experiencing stability issues try Disabling Overlay Software, that’s just a troubleshooting step. If the overlay doesn’t cause problems for you, by all means, go for it. :slight_smile:

I checked to make sure it works properly, and it seems to;

If anyone runs into problems attempting to use Discord’s overlay, I’d recommend checking out their Games Overlay 101 support article for a guide on how to enable it.


Thanks sarno!

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