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Ok ..i cant figure out how to increase my. crit and block ( first game this hapen 2 me )

ok …i put points in pasive and nothing show on character grid , then i erase critical points from critical and got a RARE item that say like 30 % crit chance and it was show 5 % on my base stats.

Then i go for ignite …therea are 23890324982 things that add ignite

instant ignite, ignite over time, ignite on meele, ignite on spell casting ,ignite on stun

please i jsut want to make a normal cahracter and be succesful

change this thing if you want people to play your game ,and I am 100 % for real

PS : I begin to like the game and i am drive for pve but most for pvp , this game can allow people to min/max only after they do their homework …and that mean maybe 1 year play this game from alpha/beta …there is no way in this world for even a smart hardcore gamer to know and to play this game at least at 70 % if it wasnt in this game for months.

you jsut cant touch things and numbers …u cant min/max things becaouse there are a huge afflixes and names and synonims of any small things that add or drop points in any mastery or skill

Oh man where to start,

  1. That rare item with 30% crit chance isnt added base crit it adds 30% to your base crit so if you got 5% now you got 5%+(5*0.3) or 6.5% i think it round up to 7%

2)Um yeah thats basically a bunch of ways to ignite things, isnt it cool to have options? Where did u find the affix instant ignite? i dont think ive seen that. As for 23,890,324,982 things that add ignite i havent found them all so maybe thats where instant ignite is hiding, same for ignite over time.

3)Ugh im not hardcore, only been playing 1 month, yes there are things i dont know, but i think ive figured out more than 70% of the game. SO its possible! theres hope :slight_smile: Keep playing and your learn!

When MP comes we should party id really like to see some of those affixes u got and id trade.

lets hope for the new patches we will have allot more simplified things, atm i strygle to learn all thos aflixes/sufixes of some important stats that have a big impact on the character development …
thanks for explenations anyway :wink:

I don’t see any simplification coming. Today you need to overcomplicate stuff to be something different look at PoE if you dump down their skilltree it’s a arteficaly bloated unessesary joke. If you dump things down people go into “we don’t want another D3 clone reeeee” mode.

Sure a lot of stuff could be streamlined and made easier to comprehend but I don’t think this will happen and I’m pretty much against it. I would miss the 2 days it took to understand the game mechanics. With the ingame compendium and the more advenced tooltips things will be clearer.

Sure right now some game mechanics look like a clownfiesta at the first glimps but if you understood the core mechanic of the game it’s widely useable for everything.

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