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Offline mode?....

So, this game is looking very promising and I want to be able to play it offline (for various reasons like the possibility of making mods for example), which seems to be possible according to the description on the website “Go offline and travel the various times of Eterra alone with only your strength to rely on. Either way, Last Epoch is doing online play right with server-side hosting to dissuade cheating and exploits, bring ladders, and competitive play.
Coming During Beta” BUT that description is kind of contradictory because what I understand of it is that it is a server-side game like Diablo 3 or Path of Exile, games that you CANNOT be played offline.
Maybe there will be 2 separate versions, one that you can play offline and other for online play with leaderboards and stuff.
So, can anyone tell me how it is going to be?

For the benefit of other forum dwellers, here’s my response to this;

Hi there Katzeo! So, at release Last Epoch will support both online-only and offline-only characters. The former will be stored server-side and gameplay involving them will be server-authorative. The latter will be played locally. It will never be possible play a character on our servers if it has previously been played locally. While we haven’t made any commitments yet, we’ve discussed the idea of being able to duplicate an online-only character for offline play. If this is implemented, it’s unlikely to be done in time for release.


I’ve to admit, this Feature kinda catches my interests. Sure if you want to swap between offline and online Mutliplayer the Feature isn’t helpfull(though i’ve to point out, i’m with you guys and find it shouldn’t be allowed to reuploaded to the Online-Servers…), but for me it adds an extra value to the game to mirror your characters from online to offline, due it gives you the feeling IF someday in the future something might happen to Last Epoch and the servers shuts down, you don’t lose all your time and work you spent on online-mp and it encourages me actually to play Mutliplayer, even at times where i play solo.

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