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O.7.9 and your guesses/thoughts

What else do you think is unannounced that will be in 0.7.9?

T6 t7 affixes? Power creep?

Mof rework?

What do you think the new end of time will look like?

What would you like to see?

Also name the exact time you think the patch will drop down to the minute hour day. Closest guess receives there choice of LE steam :key: 10 subs on twitch or a gift card of your choice for $25. GO!

With t6-t7 there is gonna be a power creep no doubt. How big of a power creep? Can’t say could be a tiny one or bigger one.

Mof rework
Very excited to see how much depth the new system will have, how hard will it be to master it if it can be mastered. Will it scale infinitely? Checkpoints? Ladder? I am extremely excited for this one.

I think the new end of time will be more open, The upstair being removed

What i would like to see is certain skills buffed by a large margin such as Manifest armor.

Patch will drop Tuesday 6PM edt

I think the MoF rework will drop.
A new secret system will be added.

I hope they will add in most, if not all, of the missing skill trees so those skills become more useful.

I think the patch will drop Sunday 2 August @ 9pm GMT+1 (12pm PST, 3pm EST)

we will get changes to ailments.
we will get changes to penetration/shock/shred.
we will get reworked skill/passives for necro.
we will get new/updated unics (maybe first legendary)
arena waves power will be recalculated again (300 now will be 100 after)
monoliths will be turned into on time encounters (finish mission before some time limit not runs out).

Patch will drop Sunday 7pm local time or 12pm EST (want to be wrong with it).

The existence of this thread just proves, how people getting bored waiting for patch.
Devs com on! Give us patch now!

They said one of the things is bigger than we think. I think T6/T7 is part of “legendary items’” from phase 3 in the roadmap, and there will be more to it than just higher rolls. They said there’s a whole dev blog on this next week which also makes me think there’s more to it.


Oooo, a contest, looking forward to reading the Ts & Cs. :slight_smile: Do the gift cards include non-dollar denominations for those of us who live in that “here be dragons” area on US maps? And I’m not talking about Canada.

Friday, 7:28pm & 42seconds BST time.

I think the new thing will be the “extra challenge modes”, with a reserve choice of Falconer mastery.

The new end of time will be 224% more timey-wimey (& 100% flatter with no upstairs as it was confusing people).

I’d really like to see a tooltip dps but I’m 99.9% sure we won’t be getting that for some time. :frowning:

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Friday 7th of August, 8 PM.

I think that we might see the legendaries. (That would be really dope) Something like 5 or 6 affixes, extra tiers for them and maybe specific affixes on them that you can’t get on other rares. I wonder how the crafting aspect would interact with them.

What i would like to see (a man can hope) is the warlock mastery ;D Obviously without teasing first, it’s unlikely to happen. I wonder if they will release all the third masteries at the same time ?

EDIT : typo

With a guess like your there’s no need to worry about it :slight_smile: lol

Jk ah im confused are you asking if it will be worth $25 usd equlivalent in another currency? Sure

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Appreciate the offer but I don’t need or want any more than I already have.

It drops today, 2pm. Or tomorrow 11:30am. Patches through the weekend.

My guess is Devblog on friday, patch on monday.

In addition to the preview I think they’ll add many skilltrees that are missing at the moment and some classes will get some more skills to unlock in their passive tree.

I also predict a vengeance nerf and probably a death wave nerf.

To be fair, Death Seal will be a bug fix, rather than a nerf…

Personally I’d really like to see some skills for the not-Acolyte class. I know! People will be confused, but just like there being actual countries (with real people) outside of America, there are actually several other classes that aren’t Acolyte! And rumour has it, some of them are even passable!

Sentinel has had 1 “new” skill, but I don’t think the Mage or Primalist have had a new skill since I started playing.

Mage got flame ward. Then got reworked lightning blast. Then got ice barrage. Meanwhile the primalust GETS NO LOVE AT ALL. Its unfair

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Didn’t they say there would be a dev blog this week and one next week? I doubt it will be released before then.

Oh my. Talk about a Freudian slip…

I’m not talking about re-worked skills (Lightning Blast), or skills that have skill trees added
(Ice Barrage), I just don’t remember them adding Flame Ward so it was probably added before I started (May19). But even if it wasn’t, that’s 1 skill for the Mage & Sentinel each compared to 4 (Spirit Plague, Drain Life, Death Seal & the new one coming this patch) for the Acolyte in something like 4 (major) patches.

I’m just being a grump old man, feel free to ignore me (I know “some” do). :wink:

I have lust for the primalist

Maybe its their way of saying warlock is coming before runemaster.

Nah, I don’t think the “it’ll be bigger than you think” could really apply to a 3rd mastery being implemented.

I believe that was directly tied into t6 t7 and mono statement not something else unmentioned

MoF rework. Isn’t that in the patch notes? I thought I read somewhere that that’s coming this time. Maybe I dreamed it.

End of Time look? I think everything will be much closer AND you won’t have separate ‘nodes’ as it were for Arena or MoF. You’ll come back to the places they currently are in EoT.

I’m hoping a surprise might be STANCES!!!

Time: Tuesday. 2pm EST. (I have no clue.)

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I still believe a Loot Filter is incoming, regardless of them saying otherwise in various posts. It was my prediction after all;

Power creep…maybe, all depends on if the current affixes got re-balanced for these upcoming T6 & T7 affixes.

MoF with all these new areas created for it (nearly the size of chapter content) sounds pretty bonkers. I can’t wait to see what a true endgame system in this game will finally look like.

End of Time got it’s own tab on the map…so I can only assume it has grown in size and scope (or just allowing them more flexibility for future content within it after launch).

I personally would like to see updates to the beginning portion of the campaign, to bring it more in line with the later game in terms of overall polish (and to make those boss fights more engaging). I know it’s coming eventually…just what I’d like to selfishly see now. :upside_down_face:

Patch will arrive on Tuesday at 4:00pm EST. I wanted to say Wednesday but Mike, being a Habs fan and all, would clearly do whatever it takes to push for a release that is a) not on a day the Habs play and b) date and time of a Leafs game. :laughing:

i doubt now about even dev blog will come this week.