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Number of active skills

Seriously… 5 active skills only is just too little - specially when many of them are “passive” active… like minions and stances…
Really. it can only ever be a good idea to bring more diversion… 7 skill slots would not be too much eigther… Just implement it now before it gets more complicated.

Then you get someone asking for 8, 9 or 10 skill slots based on the exact same reasons though.

That’s fine. There obviously needs to be a cutoff. But when you take 2-3 slots up just for your minions/pets/auras it feels pretty bad. I think having 2 “passive” skill slots for auras/summons would be very reasonable.

Well, Auras can have an active part (see Monk Mantras or Crusader…Prayers or w/e in D3 for example), and Pets of Primalist do have an active component, while Acolyte’s Minions die regulary and thus are recast often I guess (don’t have one leveled yet). 5 skills is a good middle ground IMHO. Now personally I wouldn’t care much if we have 4, 5 or 6, but I wouldn’t go beyond 6.
If you want to carry 3 auras with you, you can, but then maybe you have to give up a movement skill, or a temporary damage buff.

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I may be in the minority, but I’m pretty happy with the number of skills, granted i dont play any of the pet builds as they dont interest me. I could see adding maybe 1 more slot, but perhaps dont add another specialization slot, so the extra skill is just at its base version.

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I think this is more a problem with the effectiveness of the minions/pets/auras in order for them to feel as useful as an active ability rather than a lack of skill slots.

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I agree definitely don’t add more specialization slots, just an active skill slot.

If they stick to 5 slots, build diversity and complexity will be really poor. The builds with 1 spammable skill + 1 movement skill with 3 passive active will be superior compared to anything else. And playing minion/pet builds will be especially clunky.

And what would more slots change? If you look at Grim Dawn for example, you have 20 Slots, and you still use one spammable skill, X auras and ~2 cooldown skills. Diversity comes from many viable skills, not the amount of skill slots.


There will always be players who prefer to use just one active skill. I would like the possibility to be able to play differently if I want.

When it comes to passiv only auras, maybe it is possible to activate them and let them running in the background. Then replace the aura with another skill - similar to POE. Don’t know… could help.

To be honest, i like to play “piano” on my keyboard i really don’t want to smash that one skill button all the time. For me it feels like a more rewarding gameplay.

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I think most if not all auras are planned to have active components (see Holy Aura for the Paladin). So it will be a more active play style if you use auras.

5Skills is enough.

They have said that they will look into the skills that aren’t as “active” such as flame shield (even though I love flame shield).

Every build will focus on 1-2 spells mainly in the Endgame. Yes there are aura’s etc… But that’s we’re building your character comes in handy. Make choices and assume them. You can respec ur actives skills very easily also, So you can even change when wanted.

I do love the fact that there are limited movement skills in the game (not like POE where it is ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM) and makes the game interesting.

Hopefully with the buffs to bosses and maybe nerf to rare health we will have a slow but steady gameplay and sometimes Q&D (Quick and Dirty) if you build into it.

There is skill levels to have in Last Epoch and hopefully they won’t delete it. Even as a Casual i love challenging games. That’s what makes it enjoyable for me personally !

Best regards.


As there are skills that can get a “Can be cast instantly” node that adds a small cooldown, that would be an easy way for piano builds. Give auras nodes that remove the permanent effect in exchange for short bursts of things, with cooldowns from 2 to 6 seconds.


like the idea !

The amount of skills seem fine to me.

I would like to see the “movement” slot accessible with any skill that initiates movement (all melee skills, all movement skills). If the skill is on cool-down movement is ordinary.

I would like to be able to level all skills so I can change them from time to time whithout leveling them first but it looks like it’s time to create a toon for every playstyle possible ^^.

This is all great and dandy - but how is any of this ruined by having acces to 6 or 7 active skills? i dont think 5 is enough when there are so many greats to choose from that can work in synergy with eachother. Gameplay will improve if the game incentivices pressing more than 1 attack skill and 1 movementskill and maybe 1 buff skill… - thats kinda been seen before.

That sounds like a diablo 3 clone - and i really do not like how that games skillsystem worked : it was like… Everyskill can be used all the time and they all work kinda equally good, and they all depends on weaponbase-damage and not much else.
I like the oldshool style where we have to make actual descisions and stick with them. That makes creating a build more of an endevour .

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