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Now that Monolith isn´t gated behind whole storry

….might we plz plz plz plz plz get 1Passiv per 5Monolith until we have the maximum number of passives that can be aquired through the campaign? PLz?

So let´s say there is 28passiv points to acquire, than u can get 28 bonus passives. Those are in a pool, and whenever you get a passiv through campaign or monolith a point i removed from the pool. This way everybody can decide on his own what he likes more!

If u wish so, you could force us to fight a final boss every five monolith!

I´m running the whole campaign cause of skillpoints, so basically hardly any improvement for me there!

€: The problem with DIII lvling is not that u don´t have to do campaign, that´s the good part, but that gameplay is utter boring without sets!

Kind regards

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The bonus passives are an incentive to actually do the campaign on a character. If you add the ability to earn those passive points via an endgame system, there’s no reason to do the campaign. In addition, 1 every 5 monoliths would earn those at a blazing rate compared to running the campaign.

The idea is ofc to not force players into doing the Campaign cause it gets old doing it 10+times! U get those passives quit rapidly doing the Campaign, I don´t mind it being slower though!

€: 1 every 5 would mean you´d have to do 150 Monolith to get 30 paissves. That´s slow and not fast imho!

That’s arround 300-400 minutes while you still level you toon. Makes things to easy. BTW I’m a bit confused how isn’t monolith gated behind the story anymore? I don’t find anything in the patchnotes.

Neither did I, but entering EoT I could have run Monolith after Act3. I didn´t cause I wanted to aquire passives!

PLZ! I hate campaigns, I think it’s an outdated idea that developers keep insisting on. In path of exile I only play 1 character per league, too lazy to spend hours, or days, playing that campaign that is boring each season, even with some changes. There are several alternative ways to enrich the game’s history without forcing a campaign. In skyrim they used dozens of books for example, so for those who like to explore the history of the game, there are ways to do that. I believe every game of this kind should only provide an introduction to the early game and then offer alternative ways of leveling the character. My wish is harder to come by than yours, so I’d be happy if you could get all the points left behind in the quests in the end game.

Alternatives are always nice to have but beeing lazy is the least argument I would reconsider ^^. For the beginning a forced first walkthrough is fine. When the game is out for 6 to 12 months it might be an idea to make passive points account wide that are from sidequests but not in the beginning.

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