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Noticed a odd bug with crafting not sure if its supposed to do this

so i went to add health/glancing blow to a item. it fractured on this. so i went to break the item down to salvage some of the stuff i used on it and it wont let me. then i noticed that without any items in the crafting window its showing that i have a t3 prefix on no items. also when i used the health/glancing blow glyph i seemed to get a additional tier of the armor/glancing blow prefix instead on the item???

ALSO I AM no longer able to put anything into the crafting slot now i cant click stash materials it doesn’t work as well

Hi there,

Thank you for the detailed list of steps you took prior to the bug occurring. If you haven’t opened the game client again since this happened, could you please upload the log file?

I have already restarted the client i thought about grabbing it for you but didnt i apologize. But restarting the client did fix it. Now i am unsure if you can break down a fractured item, i thought you could but couldnt om this one

Don’t worry about it! :slight_smile:

It should be possible to shatter a fractured item, but there’s a known bug preventing that at present. We’ve created a fix for this which will be included in the next update.

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