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Not happy with Stun / Freeze Chance skill/passive nodes

First of all, can you stun/freeze the target more than once? Is there a suppression timer like you can’t stun/freeze again after a few seconds? I feel like you can only stun/freeze the monster once before it dies just like how Fear works.

I see there are a lot of skill and passive nodes that improve Stun/Freeze chance. I’ve tried to take all Stun/Freeze chance for Ice Skeletal Mage and Glacier and I honestly don’t feel they are worth it.

Is there any way we can improve Stun/Freeze? Most nodes don’t increase damage and for Glacier, you are forced to take 3 points in +Stun just to get to +mana path which is highly annoying.

Can we improve Stun/Freeze Duration? That may be more useful IMO if we can only stun once on a monster. I barely see Stun/Freeze against Elite/Bosses.

Honestly stun/freeze is useless right now. You can stun small monsters that already die really easily so no point to cc them :man_shrugging:

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Stun and freeze chances are based off of how much health the enemy has, so yes it makes sense you are seeing those things happen less as you level up.

The devs are trying to work out new methods/formulas to make these mechanics more viable late game. This includes protection penetration btw.

With the current system behind status effects freeze and stun could work with “stacks”. Like 100% stun chance = hit a mob 5 times untill it’s stunned. If you have 200% stun chance you need 3 swings and so on and so forth. It’s the easiest method I can think of, same with freeze just with numbers that make sence ^^.

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