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Not even starting. Just white screen and crashing

Good evening!

Since last update my game simply refuses to start. It only shows a white screen and stops responding, while a Unity Crash report appears. I only have one character, a level 36 Primalist/Shaman. Game was acquired from Steam and this is the MSInfo, game log and DxInfo this site told me you would need Last Epoch (185.4 KB)

Got the same problem. Just white screen and after some time a “not responding”-message


Apologies for the significantly worse than usual response times recently.

As this issue began after updating the game, and you say that you did so through Steam, as a first step please try repairing the game client. We have a support article for this here.

If the issue persists after doing the above, could you please confirm whether it occurs when you perform a Clean Boot? Microsoft have a support article for this here.

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Thank you very much! Will do so.

And the issue persists even after a Clean Boot and validating files :frowning:

And even after reinstallation

Hi. I’m using a fresh install from today, clean booted the computer, and am getting the white screen. The game worked once for me earlier in the day but was so incredibly slow that I changed the settings and rebooted my computer. Since the boot I can’t get it to start at all. Please help.

sup yall, got the same issue just now. Just delete your le_graphicsmanager ini located in
C:\Users*username*\AppData\LocalLow\Eleventh Hour Games\Last Epoch

it’d be recreated upon next initialization. 100% bug is about gpu settings.

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