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Not authorized to access the beta

I purchased this game on 24th of Jan via steam and having issue after issues. After 4days, I still cannot play the and now I am getting “Your account is not authorized to access the Beta”. I’ve email the support with no response, not even acknowledgement or status. This looks like common problem but there is no detail?

Hi Sunikiz,

I’m sincerely about this.

There was recently a brief surge of similar reports due to an error on our end, however that has since been resolved and so this is no longer a widespread problem.

I can confirm both that we have received your support request and that we have since replied. If you send us the log file as requested, we’ll be better able to help you with this.

I have tried making one adjustment on our end just now which might help - so it may be worth trying to log in again. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, and we really do appreciate your early support. We’ll be sure to get this working for you as soon as possible.

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