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Not able to click areas of ground


Since the patch today there are areas of the ground that are not clickable, this is for moving, using a movement skill (leap) or even trying to cast a spell on that ground. Did not notice it before today’s patch but as i played throughout the day i have noticed it more and more and some areas are just really bad.


For me the entire lower left corner of the screen is unclickable for me and has caused me many deaths and cost me an arena run. Any time I click anywhere in the vicinity of the chat box it becomes completely unresponsive.


Same is Happening to me.
The chat box (open or not) is preventing me from casting spells AND even being able to move! (left and right click are not working when clicked in the chat box(open or not).


I noticed it in the catacombs of welryn (I think they are called…where the cultists ambush you) the most. But yeah, might be because there you need to run to the bottom left a lot.


I am also experiencing unclickable areas on the left lower-middle of my screen, feels super strange and frustrating


it literally makes trying to kill anything in the far lower screen impossible and can lead to rippy moments when your char doesn’t respond to commands


Yes this has happpend to me when i entered the sane cultist location.


Same here as OP explained.


Confirmed it yesterday, it’s the chat area. The prevention of accidentally clicking on the chat and opening it had the unwanted side effect of making that area completely unclickable. You can’t cast your right click ability in that area either.


same issue. a client restart usually fixes it for awhile but somewhere between the in/outs of arena/monolith and char switching it comes back…sucks when you only realize after starting an arena run and have to rip the key to restart the game :sweat_smile:


Also experiencing this uninteractable zone. 99.9% sure it is related to the chat box because as soon as I leave chat I can interact with that area again.


Hey everyone! This is indeed caused by the chat and will be fixed in our next patch which we hope to have out soon.

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