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No steam key


I paid for the $35 pack on kickstarter and for some reason it doesnt show that in my last epoch account and is trying to make me buy the game again. i linked my steam account as well and that also showed that i didnt have a steam key either.

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Hi there,

Can I ask whether you submitted the KickStarter Reward Survey?

If you have done so, would you know approximately when this would have happened?


i did. on April 26th according to my kickstarter.


Ah, we wouldn’t have still had the process automated by then.

Unfortunately I’m not able to help right this instant due to ongoing maitenance, but that should be finishing up soon - I’ll post again in about 20 minutes once I’ve done this manually for you.


thank you so much sorry for missing the deadline i had intermittent computer access at that point in time.


No problem at all. :slight_smile:

We had the account linking automated for a while, but it was heavier on our servers than what we were entirely happy with, so after a few months we moved it over to a manual process.


You should now be able to download the game and claim a Steam key. You should also now have your forum badge. It may take a short while for your in-game MTX to become available.

Thank you for supporting us on KickStarter!


thanks a lot!


Happy to be of assistance. :slight_smile:

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