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No Shield Survivability and Void Knight Viability

Am I the only one who feels like you can’t survive without a shield? Also I feel Void Knight is to fragile.

Void Knight is indeed very fragile on it’s own. But Void Knight has by far the biggest damage potential of all 3 Sentinel Masteries. So i think its justified.

Void Knight is viable with or without shield(taking the first few shield/block nodes from early pala and forgeguard row if you playing with shield was always enough for me)

Without shield VK can feel very punishing if you do mistakes. I mostly tried to run big health pool and alot of leech(there is one awesome leech node in the vVoid Knight Tree).

While this is no universal solution i would like to see a stronger version of the Unique Item “Dreamthorn” (2H Sword which allows you to block).
I always thought that was an exellent class fantasy item, but i understand that it’s hard to balance, having 2H damage and the ability to block.
Just having the ability to block, but with alot less block efficiency would be the way to go for this item i think

True Void knight has the most damage but its lack of survivability makes picking it as a master class seem unviable considering that the other classes don’t give you enough survivabiltiy without mastering them. I understand being fragile, but at least let me live.

Endgame is just a matter of survivability. That’s why most of top tiers are lich now…
And forge guard is the only pure melee viable class on top tiers.

Same with diable3 and poe. But poe has a good which LE does not have.
In poe if your dps is high enough. You can kill any mob before you die. But LE can not

In PoE, if your DPS is high enough, you can kill several screens. I’m not sure we want to go anywhere near that far.

There is one pretty big issue with VK being so squishy. Forgeguard and Paladina can make easy use of Void dmg without any big drawbacks but the VK can’t make up the tankyness the 2 other classes offer. That’s a hugue disadvantage and I hope EHG will make the early VK passives weaker and pack some punch into the mastery to make up for it so FG and Pala don’t benefit to much from the VK passives and do their own thing. I don’t know why some pretty beefy void dmg gains and mechanics are achivable for FG and Pala this shoul’d be gone for good in the near future but as usual that’s only my oppinion ^^.

Or they could move some of the tankiness below the 25 point line.

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Generally i agree, i think alot of the balancing within the passive tree needs some work(probably even for the other classes).

The only good thing that you can get “early” on Pala and FG are the Blockchance Nodes and those just work if you use a shield.

As you said, power distribution within the passive tree should be a little bit better.

I feel like all of the first 5 rows (so within 25 points into the class) need to be pretty general, while fitting the class theme and should include several offensive, defensive and utility options.

And the all nodes above that(so nodes that you just can take when you choose that mastery) should have very distinct playstyle which should (almost) only fit this mastery.
One of the best examples for me(tell me if you think otherwise) is the Regenerator Node from Forgeguard, it’s instantly accessable when you reach that 25 point threshold and is one of THE FG defining nodes.

So i think VK should get some general defensive nodes. The only thing that you can viably spec into defensivly in VK is Max Health, which is good i think and should stay.
But i think if you really wanna commit to VK they maybe should add some very distinct defensive option further down the VK Tree.

I think one nodes that gives ALOT of Void Protection and leads to another node that gives something like X% of all Non-Void Damage taken as Void Damage. Then branching further of from this node maybe some combiend offensive like “X% Void Damage if you have taken Void Damage Recently”.

This would be a very distinct and thematicly fitting defensive branch within the tree. Which will give you alot more room for other defensive affixes on your gear.

Edit: I did create an topic on my suggested passive node idea, because that goes a bit too deeep for this OP i think. Feel free to leave your feedback.

This would leave FG and Pala still with a better defence and the offence of the VK, while VK get a bit more defence. This would be a lot of work instead of fixing one mastery that is worse then the others while the other masteries benefit from the weakest mastery of the three.

FG and Pala could simply get fire dmg benefits and make the VK less intresting while VK get some good defensive options after choosing it as a mastery. I looked into the Sentinel skills these past days and in almost every skill there is some kind of void dmg conversion. I get why these skilloptions are there but it seems odd to me that there are not as many void skills convertable to fire dmg. It looks off balance from my point of view. Sure there is a defining base for every class but the masteries from the Sentinel trees feel not as good as the masterys of other classes. I always felt something is missing but I can’t pinpoint it.

That might actually work as long as they don’t put too much.