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No more quests


I have finished investigating the great college quest and I returned to outcast camp.
Then nothing, no more quest

What can I do? (I’m level 29)

Could you post a screenshot of your Quest Journal? (opened using J). Make sure you’ve talked to all the NPCs in the Outcast Camp if you haven’t already, characters with a “!” above their head have a new quest.

No mark on NPC (? or !)

I didn’t had any problem with my other character

Howdy! It seems you’ve completed the Immortal Empire main quest which should lead immediately into the Admiral’s Dreadnought main quest but it seems that the quest start somehow didn’t trigger for that one (currently investigating why that might be).

To get back on the main quest path I recommend going to Imperial Era Lake Liath (west of Welryn) and either going through the event with the Outcast Seer since that is where the Admiral’s Dreadnought quest start occurs, or just progressing further west and into Thetima as that should have some failsafes to get you back on track.

Thank you for your patience!

Thank you for your support, I got the main quest back talking to Outcast seer

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