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No mana regen on sorcerer Staff

I made a new staff w/ a sorcerer staff (upgrading from the staff i was using), and despite the fact I had the same Mana Regen on both staff, and my Mana Regen in the stats was the same… my Mana Regen was not going up as fast.

I play a pretty Mana intensive build so the difference was easily noticeable. I tested by swapping back and forth between stalves and confirmed it wasnt working.

Player.log (2.6 MB)

Could you post screenshots of each staff, ideally while holding ctrl and alt? Also a screenshot of your character sheet with each would be helpful. Thanks!

Kind of embarrassing but I just noticed that the sorcerer staff doesnt have the -3 adaptive mana cost implicit affix that the rest of the stalves do. which would explain the difference in mana regen.

it ALSO has a increased spell cost affix. so mystery explained

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