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No characters Appear in Character Select Screen


I have just purchased the game through Steam. I have installed the game and launched it without problem until I get to the very first screen where it asks you to select a character. Whilst I initially get to see 4 characters appear in what appears to be a time rift with one blacked out I can’t select any of them. Clicking on the screen at all causes all 5 to disappear completely. On occasion it will bring up the Paladin class details on the right hand side of the screen but they do not appear to have been selected at all. I can’t in any way select the other 3 characters.

This is a pretty big issue obviously!!

GPU: GTX 1080Ti x 2 SLI
CPU: i7 5930K
Monitor: 3840 * 2160 with GSYNC @ 60fps

Any suggestions as to what I could look to try and do to be able to start playing the game?

I have attached my DXDiag to hopefully help.

Thx. (14.8 KB)

Hey there,

Thanks so much for your early support, and I’m very you’ve had such a poor first impression of Last Epoch. Could you please send us the game’s log file to help us look into this further? It seems that this bug was introduced in our latest patch, so we’re still investigating it.

You should be able to use the button to attach the file to a forum post.

No problem. Here is the log file as requested:

output_log.txt (571.0 KB)

I hope that is the right one.

I have figured out a workaround whereby if you create whatever character the game selects initially, even if they are invisible and with the incorrect class info it does still create a new character. You can then exit back out once the game world has loaded the opening area and then the character creation screen seems to work absolutely fine!!!

A bit odd for a new player to figure out but game has been working fine for the last few hours like this. I hope you manage to fix it as first impressions are pretty important but I’ve been enjoying the game quite a bit with that issue seemingly now behind me.

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Thanks for the follow up-- we have a fix coming for this issue in 0.7.6b, but it shouldn’t be an issue for you in the future now that you have saved characters.

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