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New Top SpellBlade using MANA strike with 1H

So here 1000+ waves of Ignite And Bite at all new speeds!


Holy monkey’s! Insane man…and that persistence which makes the “2nd ranked Spellblade (for now :slight_smile: )” title you previously had quite funny. Well played sir.

Another excellent video Boardman21. Thank you!

Just trying to work out what you had on you boots and relic as you didn’t sneak us a peek

Guessing here:

Boots - Set GB\ Intel \ Movement \ CSA

Relic - Set Dodge \ Potion Health to ward or Intel \ Mana \ health

Please clarify :slight_smile:

Boots and set gb int dodge health
Relic has set dodge int mana health I believe.


Is it possible to get pics of the spec instead of a video? Easier to track and scroll through.

Awesome guide anyhow!

unfortunately this website hates my jpeg pictures and wont let me post them, i did how ever in the thumbnails of the video put a marker at every skill and each passive page so that you can jump to it and pause the video there. Hopefully i can convert picture to something that works on this forum soon. is your friend (you can even embed the images in your post rather than just link them).

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Thanks for the reply!
As Llama8 says. You can post them on a site and then link it!

didnt see the thumbnails så gonna go check that out!

Thanks for now!

The synergy in this build picks up fairly early in player levels. I have yet to get to the numbers seen in the video in terms of ward, but I broke 15k ward while below level 70 and only around 50 INT at the time.

Not sure if any patches changed the fundamental components of the build, so hopefully I can get a couple hundred waves by player level 100. For what it is worth, I reached wave 85 (player level 72) but started to fall asleep and died. Most of the time I am around 5k ward, so I am going to review to see where I can make improvements without the other 20+ player levels. I suspect it is going to be INT/ward retention along with melee attack speed. I do not think the smaller mana pool is affecting things too much (i.e., more downtime due to more mana strikes).

This is a fairly friendly newish player build as long as new players do not expect to reach the insane numbers in the video. Does not require super rare affixes, the uniques are not absolutely required (I used humming bee for a while) and it is successful without 100 player levels.

I may try swapping Enchant Weapon out as you described in the video just to see how it feels and if it helps me push in the arena, although the best trick for me is going to be to stop dozing off while playing.


Every time I think I’ve found my favorite build, I find another new one. So right now this one is it. This has the best dps of all the builds I’ve tried to date (8 builds), I love how Shatterstrike can one shot large groups of mobs, and even some of the previously tougher ones only take a few extra strikes.

Survivability is still an issue, though, haven’t quite figured it out yet. At lvl 64, I am nowhere near 5-10k ward, I think I max at around 1k, so clearly I’ve got some work to do in the gear department. Is ward/retention the biggest key to survival? I have approx 100 GB and about 30% dodge.

this build is from patch 0.7.7 before the good old ward nerfs. its much harder to get 5k+ ward on spellblade now. I just updated this build. Posted about 1 min ago

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Thanks - converted over to the new build over the weekend and loving it for the most part. Struggled at first to get a Mordita’s, I had almost given up but finally got it through gambling.

I think I prefer the Mana Strike to regain mana playstyle a little better even though it amounts to the same thing essentially in terms of keypresses. But I’m guessing Focus is overall more efficient?

Still trying to shore up defenses, but I’m getting there. Made 60 in Arena for the first time so that was cool.

Nice! Yeah nice thing about focus is you can usually teleport away leaving a decoy then focus and get full mana before mobs get to you