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New Skill 'Tempest Strike' Coming in Our Next Patch

Patch 0.7.2 includes a new skill for the Primalist class!
Tempest Strike calls forth the chaos and fury of the storm, striking with lighting, biting with ice, or sundering the earth beneath your foes. Each time you use Tempest Strike one or more of these devastating elemental abilities may trigger.

  Tempest Strike
Melee attack that can proc three different secondary effects, at a 20% chance each. The secondary effects are Earth Spikes (physical), Northern Winds (cold), and Lightning Bolt (lightning).


Full-sized skill art

Of course, you need to know what to look out for, so we’ve created GIFs of each proc;

Earth Spikes

Northern Winds

Lightning Bolt


I need the patch now!

I like it. It aught to be useful to get around monsters with immunities or high specific protections if they ever come into play.

The procs could have cool names too.

Lagon’s Wrath, Heorot’s Fury

I’m interested to try out new melee skill options as I don’t like Serpent Strike all that much, but I’m skeptical. We’ll see.

Looks promising!

Love it ! Dont forget shatering effect on ice element!

Amazing stuff, can’t wait to try it out on my favourite character!

Stun build with earth spikes?

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