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New Skill Coming in Patch 0.7.9: Assemble Abomination

Patch 0.7.9 brings with it a variety of new skills!

One of the entries in our recent poll was Assemble Abomination. Due to both a request and us accidentally leaking the tooltip for Assemble Abomination in-game (oops!), today we’re taking a look at this exciting new skill coming to Necromancers in our next content patch.


  Assemble Abomination
Hold the ability key to absorb minions in an area. When you release, summon a single hulking abomination with added health and more damage per minion absorbed. The abomination’s health decays increasingly quickly over time.

The minions absorbed as part of this dark ritual are no mere sacrifice! The brute you stitch together will behave differently depending on its composition. If specialized correctly, absorbing skeletal mages will allow the monstrosity to unleash Hungering Souls upon its foes, while consuming a bone golem during its construction will allow the abomination to use a mighty stomp attack.

Assemble Abomination abilities

  • Bone Golem: Stomp
    • An AoE melee attack with a high chance to stun.
  • Skeletal Archer: Arrow Nova
    • Periodically fires arrows in all directions.
  • Skeletal Mage: Devouring Souls
    • The base version of Hungering Souls.
  • Skeletal Warrior: Double Strike
    • Two simultaneous melee attacks.
  • Wraith: Soul Reave
    • The base version of Harvest.
  • Unannounced minion: Unannounced skill
    • It, like, does things. And stuff.



Assemble Abomination’s skill art


As with all newly added skills, Assemble Abomination will arrive in Last Epoch will a full-sized specialization tree. We hope you’re looking forward to Patch 0.7.9 as much as we are!


Oooh, very interesting!

Colour me intrigued…


Wow that sounds amazing! Your creative team is killing it with unique and interesting skills. Keep up the good work!

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Looks awesome!! I love the creativity in having a ton of options in minions to sacrifice for different abilities.

I would like to thank the devs for their consideration of the post i made back in may, it’s really exciting to know that my voice was heard!

Does it absorb bees?


Looks like i got something look forward too after my vacation. only @Sarno can give me a reason to come back sooner with news like this <3 Keep up great work guys and hype content updates!

Yes, it absorbs all minions.


also y’all might want to be careful about that facebook post showing the in game model potentially spoiling the “unannounced minion” since the model seems to have a… dragons tail…

new game mode: Can it blend?

An active skill, and very creative skill. Well done, guys.

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Will Skeleton Mages get a multi-summon node in the tree? It’s probably a bit annoying to summon mages 5 times just to create a single abomination.

Perfect! I was just looking for a skill that did things and stuff. Not stuff and things, that’s totally different, you can tell because it has a goatee & is evil. But we’ve got the good version of the skill, so that’s ok. (for all of you whippersnappers that don’t know what’s what)

Does it perchance cast a Smite that inflicts any/all ailments?

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So, also the tree…
“I am groot”

I was wondering if consumming several minions of the same kind could improve the ability they provide?
Like one warrior skeleton gives Double Strike, but two warrior skeletons give Triple Strike or a stronger version of Double Strike.

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I’d think that it’s more likely to be used, if you had 1 of each minion consumed then the resultant Abomination should be randomly choosing between all the abilities. But if you had more of 1 minion in the mix then it should (hopefully) be weighted towards that skill.


Sick! Can’t wait to build a Cronenberg Necromancer in the next patch.

Will this mean you spends lots of time summoning and re-summoning minions after you made your Abomination? I wouldn’t like that :unamused:

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i’d imagine that you’d only need 1 minion of a type to grant the abomination the ability of that minion, but additional minions grant the abomination more overall damage and hp (duration) regardless of how many doubles, i’m sure down the road min-maxers will determine the exact perfect ratio, but i’m curious what happens when the abomination eats an archmage…

unless the abomination tree lets you spec it to re-summon it’s components after it dies…