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New Portal Coming in Patch 0.7.7

In Patch 0.7.7 we’re replacing the portal used to return to town!

The town portal in Patch 0.7.6c.

Sam from the Art Team has created a new portal which includes a visual effect for the portal opening, particles being pulled inside, and a new slimmer and more vibrant design.

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Looks awesome. Keep up the good work.


Good Stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks pretty well done :clap:t3:

simple and to the point. sometimes the best things in life are just that EZ! good job on the portal <3

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Looks amazing! I love all the little things being added. Cant wait for 0.7.7!!

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Sweet, that looks a lot better.

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Looks cool. I like it

Can we make the portal be highlighted over items? or have an option to toggle which ones we want in front? I hate trying to click the portal but i just keep clicking up items that have dropped in front of it! Especially in a 911 frantic mode to escape damage!


Weeee :grinning:

I like it!

looks really nice !

Pretty sweet looking portal!

Oh yeah, looks much better!

Love it. Much less Valve in the new design.

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