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New Pet AI


I dont seem much of a difference to be honest. I have to get a little closer maybe but they still take off on their own to a mob if you get too close. Also once they start fighting they behave just like they did before and charge off after everything on screen. This is not the solution I was hoping for. I still ask that they stay at my side and attack when and what I do unless I give them the command to attack something else and not run off on their own. This fixes none of the problems at all.


After playing a while longer with the new Pet AI I really dont seen a difference at all between now and how it was before. They still take off during battle and go do whatever the hell they want to do just like before. Again I ask for them to be in a defensive mode of a sort and only attack what I do. If I am not attacking it or given them the command to attack something else they should be ignoring anything on screen I am not attacking.


The change was to reduce the range where they run back to you if you are particularly far away from them.

The range at which they engage enemies has not been changed, but is planned to be reduced in future.


That could have been much more clear. With that in mind I will leave my feedback as it has stood since the start. They should attack what I do unless told otherwise.


Why don’t make this one simple? “A” as the attack button if you click an enemy or “Move to ground position” if clicked on empty space? This would most likely solve all trouble and you can position your pets where you want them instead of them snuggling your knee or fall back to far.


there is no change, pet do whatever they like, even if they are far away, pets sucks right now

use pet system like grim dawn/wow, dont know why you go complicating things, aggresive, defensive, passive…done.

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