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New patch deleted all my stash ans items

Hello, first of all, amazing patch note, really looking forward to it!

second of all, unfortunately i lost 90% of my stash and items with it.

Is there a solution? thanks

Sorry about this! I’m not aware of any issues with 0.7.10 regarding this, so having both of your log files would help us look into this.

Hey thanks for your answer, just got back from work.

Anyway it seems i can’t find any of the log files. None of C:\Users[username]\AppData\LocalLow\Eleventh Hour Games\Last Epoch\ seems to be find anywhere on my PC.

is it some hidden files I have to activate or something?

You might need to enable “Hidden items” in File Explorer-- it’s a checkbox under the View tab at the top of File Explorer. Also make sure you use your actual username if typing in the address, or navigate there manually. Thanks!

Player.log (3.6 MB) Player-prev.log (19.3 KB)

Here they are thanks!

I just want to precise a little bit what I lost.

All my primary folder stashs I’ve bought have been saved but all the names have been reset ( ex: stash 1, stash 2 etc…) and 90% of the items are gone

All the folders (4 or 5) from secondary and such folders are completely gone (like key folder, unique items and such)

90% of my crafting material are gone too

And a portion of the gold as well.

Anyway thanks to take a bit of time to address the problem, its not a big deal obviously as all my character are still there, just if i can prevent this to happen again it will be nice.

Unfortunately I don’t see any relevant information in those log files. Could you add your Saves folder (same location as the logs) to a .zip file and upload it here? (181.1 KB)

Unfortunately I don’t see anything of interest in the save data, so that means the lost data is unrecoverable. Sorry about that! We’ll do our best to look into this, but should it happen again just make sure to copy out you Saves and log files as soon as it happens.

And of course, save data for multiplayer will all be stored on our server, rather than your computer, which should prevent any issues.

Yes I think that was the problem, I log many times before send you the report.

Anyway i know how to do it now, thanks a lot for taking a bit of time to answer.

Love the new patch so far, created a new character and with this bug experienced kinda SSF mode, it felt great. :grinning: