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New Lagon Wallpaper!

Hey Travelers!

We’ve created some splash art of Lagon to celebrate him making a splash in Patch 0.7.8.

Will you pledge your allegiance to Eterra’s servant by using it as your wallpaper? We’ve made it available in 4k, 1440p ultrawide, 1440p, 1080p ultrawide and 1080p. Links below!

Resolution Download
4k Link
1440p ultrawide Link
1440p Link
1080p ultrawide Link
1080p Link

It looks soo good. I can’t wait!!

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Great game, great devs, great community, love u guys! Keep up the good work.


Yaaass!! Great post, this the stuff I (also) like to see!

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Looks sick, cant wait to see him in game!

Nope! :stuck_out_tongue:

out this month?

I cant wait lagon is my favorite god since i got a small bit of lore for him! this wallpaper made me so happy! cant wait for him to join the team! keep up great work

Super bad crabby is angry ! Great art !

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