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New crafting item tab

Hello, I’m totaly dissapointed in the new crafting tab. It’s total shit in my oppinion. Due to the crafting mats bug I now have to shatter several items and I always have to:

-Put an item in
-change tab
-put a rune of shattering in
-change tab

With the tab opening sideways it only took 3 clicks to shatter an item, with the crafting mats in a new screen a lot of comfort is gone.

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I totally agree man, the new crafting tab is misplaced and doubles the time I’m taking to craft. Crafting went froma smooth experience to something tedious, unfortunately. I hope they revert the change.

Thank you for the feedback.

We recently rewrote how items are stored. We wanted to include this work in Patch 0.7.5 due to it facilitating several improvements, and the tab in its current form was comparatively quick to implement. We do intend to replace it, though we aren’t yet ready to talk about future iterations of rune and glyph storage. Apologies for the worse quality of life in the meantime.

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You made me happy :D. Now 2020 can come ^^.

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You can avoid changing tabs by buying shatter stones leaving them in inventory (dont stash materials) and break down from there. Cant right click them so you still have to drag but its 1 less click.

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