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New Art Depicting the End of Time Town Hub!

As we’ve previously shown you, our artists have been creating some new art for us to use in our loading screens. As the End of Time zone is one of the main hubs in the game, we wanted to show you the art that was recently created based on this zone!

Click on this image to see the full-sized art.

The End of Time was originally implemented during Last Epoch’s alpha stage of development. It is from this zone that players enter the Monolith of Fate and Arena endgame content, and where the Gates of Memorium will be accessed in future. The portal from the Gates of Memorium can be see in the top-right corner of the End of Time in this picture.

This art will be included in Patch 0.7.3. Check back tomorrow for the Patch Preview thread!


This looks great!

Looks great!!

Slick. Gonna use it as my desktop background haha

Love that art direction



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Great artwork! Like the use of peach/pink hues and the dark background contrasting with the foreground art. Good idea. Reminds me of a black hole sucking in all life, etc…

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