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New Alaloth trailer spriggans looks kind of familiar

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen them somewhere before.

Bit of a none topic topic to be fair, Alaloth spriggans look like LE’s spriggans LE’s spriggans look like elder scrolls online spriggans, elder scrolls online spriggans look like skyrim’s, where do we stop?

At least ESO & Skyrim are in the same franchise, so the similarity is to be expected.

Ok but my point still stands, where do we stop with this is a copy? Lets face it there is really limited ways in which to draw a spriggan, no?

Bears in LE look like the wardens bear in the elder scrolls online, but again there is very limited ways to draw a bear.

There’s a difference between similarities because it’s a wooden humanoid figure and then having the exact same design in the right hand, the head and the feet and the details in the body. It looks like a direct copy/paste job.

They are the same, but it’s from the Unity Asset store:
(That said: LE’s Animations are likely inhouse, as, presumably, are Alaloths)

Ah, that explains it. Indeed exactly the same then.

On another note entirely, Alaloth looks very interesting concept into the aRPG world, certainly from a first look perspective i will be very interested in playing it.

It actually feels like soul-like game mixed with ARPG and I am perfectly fine with that.