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New Ability Suggestion - Blood Manifestation

I wanted to suggest an ability for Acolyte that would be interesting for stacking HP as a multiplier for a unique build option. This ability would be offensively orientated but could also have defensive elements. The idea is to take 50% of your maximum HP and lock it to create a blood ball that travels with you. The power of this ball is scaled by how much HP you converted to make it, aka the more HP of the 50% that you locked the more powerful your ball is.

The idea for the animation is this ball of blood is liquid, dripping, constantly spinning to maintain its shape. It would take 3 seconds to channel to make, animation would be blood being ripped out of your body to make the ball (this would be so it couldn’t be abused in combat by turning it on and off).

Default scaling would be: Health Pool, Physical, Spell, Intelligence

In this passive tree it would be split into three sections: DPS, Minion, Defensive

DPS: Would allow you to have this ball into turret possibility synergy with blood spatter/bone marrrow shards scaling with spell damage and as as well as your HP.

Minion: You can convert this ball into minion scaling instead of spell power. Which will allow you to scale some of your HP pool as damage buffs for your minions or support them offensively.

Defensive: Creates a frontal shield of blood that prevents some frontal projectiles and reflects damage. Power of these defenses would be again scaled with how of HP that 50% absorbed to create this ball. Maybe In this section you can also change the Intelligence scaling into Vitality scaling (this could be a good option to balance it with ward).

For balancing you could make the default of this ability cost nothing. In the passives allow for either hp or mana cost to use abilities.

What you guys think?

Edited: Other suggestions

-Group synergy: every 3 seconds blood ball puts splatter on allies giving them protections or regen
-Allows ball of blood to gather energy on monster deaths
-Synergy with Transpant allowing your bone armor to be buffed or last longer.
-Applies 3 stacks of bleed on near by enemies which regens x hp (synergy with armor shred in aura of decay)

I like the idea to suggest new ideas. But I don’t particulary like your idea of a big ball of blood.

I like a lot your idea of an defensive feature which could block or absorb most of the projectiles.

I guess the devs have already set the skill the Acolyte will have. I suppose they already did the same for the Warlock.

But I think if you have any idea you should go one because it’s always good to create and share new ideas for a game.

Let me explain my thinking behind why I picked a blood ball. I thought a blood ball would be the most appropriate because of the theme of the class. You give up some of your blood for power; literally taking your HP to give yourself a object or minion it would make the most sense. I also feel like Acolyte needs more interesting physical abilities and “blood” in the game is physical damage. Also marrow shards have little synergy and I want more options how to incorporate them into other builds. :slight_smile:

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