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New #1 Hc Waves Ladder Super Budget Throwing Sentinel Build patch 0.7.2

Stopped at level 60 wave 121. 25 waves above second place. Or else I would’ve kept going(and probably died?):stuck_out_tongue: Didn’t die:) The gear is easily accessible for even first time builds other than the uniques, which are fairly common but require a slight amount of luck.

The idea is to scale dodge instead of glancing blow because of gear costs etc. Taking advantage of the 100% dodge increase from the low level unique gloves. That backed with strong tree defenses and specific defensive gear (weapons scale defensive stats very well, perfect for this build which doesn’t depend on offensive weapon stats).

After the sentinel path shown in the video I like to move towards 5 points into fresh from the forge. Then get into the void knight nodes. I spec into Hammer throw first then shield throw of course. Then volatile reversal once its unlocked and then devouring orb. Abyssal Echos is not used.

In the the void knight tree I rush for world eater and void bolts, life leech with void damage and +2 void damage on throw attacks/spells. Then you can go right for holy aura in the paladin tree or go for shield crafter node in the forge-guard tree. The order depends on your gear. Holy aura adds base defensive stats while shield crafter will help immensely against range “shotgun” style attacks. You’ll be getting both eventually. So if you have even shittier gear than me you should get holy aura first:)

In the video I mouse over the nodes I take in order. There is some variation and delay in some of the points. Feel free to ask questions:) But please watch the video first. At least the first part.
Just want to say the new shield throw tree is incredibly powerful for this build (Don’t even try to tell me lunge is good anymore:P). Mainly for fleet of foot and throwing arm. Beyond the flat base damage increases of the skill. If you time the flesh from the forge (+40 fire and phys damage every 3 seconds at level 10) correctly with you hammer throw (with double damage) you can get insane damage from your void hammers.

Aside from that as long as you get early elemental protection from your gear you’ll be safe for basically all of the story progression with this build. Its very tanky even with limited gear as you can see:)

Nice going.

I recommend for your final skill Rebuke and take all the left side nodes which give bonus to defence while channeling however there is a node that gives the bonus for a few seconds after the skill ends. So you just tap it occasionally and gives from memory 500 ele protection and 25%? armor and move speed

Not a bad idea ill check it out. I guess it just depends on what protections you need. I do like holy aura though for the dex(dodge rating) and vitality. But for people who need armor/ele protection definite a good choice.

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