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Never mind

I have picked this unique up before in previous patches. This problem never happened before patch 78e and I have played over 600 hours. In addition, when I went through the portal and opened the reward chest, nothing dropped from the chest!

Huh??? The item name is not blank. The screenshot I uploaded clearly shows the tooltip description. And the reward chest after going thru the portal DIDN’T drop any items so there were none to try to pick up. Read my message again.

Yeah, it just reminded me of the others with the lack of tags.

The poster of that other thread used the term “item name” to refer to the label that’s on the ground, which is separate from the tooltip you were able to see. My response there is a bit confusing-- the Z key is supposed to disable the labels on the ground, not the tooltips you see when hovering. There could be a bug specific to uniques that causes the text to be hidden but for the label to still exist.

In any case, if you have this happen again and the Z key is not the cause of the problem, a log file would be helpful.

Whatever. The fact that the reward chest opened and NOTHING came out after leaving the MOF is absolutely a problem. If you don’t think so, so be it. Just reporting what I experienced.

If you have item labels disabled it could potentially make it seem like no items appeared from the chest. I haven’t heard any other reports of this issue, so I don’t have any solid ways to look into it yet. If you have that happen again a log file would be good as well. Thanks!

Haven’t changed any settings in hundreds of hours. You haven’t mentioned that maybe it happened because of the way I hold my mouse or maybe because of the weather outside.


To be fair, the item labels being disabled would be the simplest reason for you not being able to pick up the items that are clearly in the pic you uploaded & you didn’t upload the logs so why do you think they’ll be able to magically divine what the problem is?

Just delete this thread. Forget it.