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Nercomancer Summon Skeleton

Hi there, i’ve been playing the game a bit here and there and i gotta say, absolutely great job with the skill trees variety and what not, the game is looking great and i’m excited to see what’s more for the future.
That aside i made this topic regardings the Acoyolte skill “Summon Skeleton” i feel like it could be pushed a tad “further” think like, disabling all minion types for a single Skeleton “King” which increases in size based on the total minion limits you have on said skill.

Thanks for the kind words and the suggestion!

I’ve added this to the list of topics to be discussed at a future design meeting. We may encounter a backlog of these depending on how much feedback we receive at Dreamhack Dallas.

Question. When i picked up the node to not allow mages anymore, the skill lost the Necrotic tag. Can I then assume the warriors and archers aren’t considered necrotic?


I’m running a classic summoner atm. I have to say that I really miss clear-speed a lot. Some nodes in the skelly tree (all archers) to make arrows pierce or chain in exchange for damage would be absolutely lovely. Single target with 6 skeletons and 2 bone golems is really good but the clear is so slow.

Also I expect minion AI to be updated over time. Right now the biggest issue is that archers and mages are shooting walls or the top of uphill terrain.

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