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Need a way to return to arena content to break up long sessions

Running arena wave 1 to about 500 is very hard to complete in one session. I’m not sure what the meta will be for wave number on release, but its very hard to stay awake and stay on point for 3-5 hrs without a break, currently the only way to break is to leave your PC running and come back. My recommendations to fix this would be to either let people continue their session from the 5 wave resting point at a later time, if you die you still have to start at wave one again, but this elevates the long session problem.


I was going to post this exact same thing . Thank you. Please double the scaling at least 1 more time. Wife agro is manageable through about wave 200. It becomes much worse after that. Some of us don’t have 3-5 hour blocks to play anymore.

I agree. Voted.

Devs have already talked about it and I think it was kind of purposely done this way. They could have chosen the same behavior as Monolith but they didn’t. I think they want Arena to be a one time run… I feel like you and would rather have a saving progression until death happens, I get borred after reaching 100-150 waves. I hope they will consider to change it somehow.

Either save progression or just make MUCH LESS waves and much faster ones. Usually it just takes ages for all these slow void zombies to drag themselves to the center and such.

Saving progress is a good thing! NN to have a 6second DC timer stubornity! :o

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