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Necrotic WISP damage bugged again?

I was playing my Solo Hardcore chatacter when a single hit from a necrotic wisp attack one shotted me. I had my vengance mitigation maxed and UP, also Forge Guard racial.

This mobs used to be bugged and one shoot in previous patches and I wonder if that deadly bug is back.

It was on wave 20 arena (when this character has cleared wave 60 easily) and my necrotic protection was at 66%

Death screen

EDIT: I grabbed the same character and took it to arena in ghost mode. I wanted to test if the wisps one shotted me again. At wave 30, i found a group and I tried to face tank them to see their damage output. Surprisingly they did not do high damage to me at all. I took several shots in a row that I could easily pot or leach. Maybe the damage bug is only on crits? Where if you get a crit the damage is multiplayed way too much. Adding this info to help QA team!

F for LizardIMMORTAL

Original bug:

By Misha

Well, if the mobs have the same base crit multiplier as we do then they’ll do 200% more damage on a crit.

200% more is triple damage, 200% crit multi is double, its different things :slight_smile:

Depends how they’ve worked it, whether the crit multi is the damage you do (double, as you say) or the added damage when you crit, TBH, I’ve not tested it & it could go either way.

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