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Necrotic Mortar can't be used by Cryomancers or Pyromancers

According to the description, all skeletons mages can use this spell.
All subtypes of skeletons mages should do it, or not?

I guess the non specialised skeleton mage is called simply “Mage” in tooltype. But I may have wrong.

I’ve just tested this, and all types of Mages can use the Mortar ability. However, any Mages that were summoned before you took the Undead Mortars node will not be able to use it, meaning you’ll have to summon new Mages.

Ah heard, then surely that must have happened.
Thank you.

as a kind of “tip”
anything that change something your minions do is only applied after they are resummoned.
had this “bug” with skeleton mage node where they gain a chance to cast three projectiles instead of one. it can be 100% so they shoot only 3 projectiles. but the mages not resummond will still have a 80% chance for example…

it’s how the game works. changing a minion skill, resummon them.

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