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Necromancer Build - Power in Numbers - Last Epoch - 0.7.3

My latest build for a necromancers with tons of melee minions, added buffs and enemy debuffs. Super laid back gameplay, primarily, which I enjoy.


I really enjoyed this guide, thanks. I started building something similar, but I think I got wrecked by the bone armour bug, because my hugely life buffed melee minions died to a single enemy. I’d also tried the ranged minions healing from crit, but you are absolutely right, until they fix the AI, the shooting at terrain, and the archers missing all the time, ranged minions are pretty useless. Seeing this gives me hope to try melee minions again!

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I was building a character with a similar philosophy but after a bit of finessing with your advice, the difference in clear speed is remarkable. Great guide and thank you!

The one difference I have kept is because I prefer a little more interactive play style than what is shown here. I dropped the Golem and use Rip Blood instead. It does negligible DPS, but buffs minions and debuffs enemies. A bit of fun if you like being a leader, not a follower :slight_smile:

Thanks once more!

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nice to hear :slight_smile:

TY god for new builds, the forum need.

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Good video. Thank you for sharing.

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Hey guys,

one question to lich in general.

Talent Dark Rituals in Acolythe Tree ==> 20% attackspeed and cast time, when you summon a minion. So they changed the wandering spirits, they are no longer minions. So this talent as well as the skill aint that good anymore in the reaper lich build?

Very nice build.
I run the oppo now cus I jagged the Grave wand,
2 x fire golems , 5 x mage ( visa versa) , then skellies +5 , still tuning )

Wandering Spirits have never been minions (they just scale with minion damage), but the Wandering Spirits skill is a minion skill and does work for the node.

The node’s description has been clarified to say “if you have used a minion skill” rather than “if you have summoned a minion”, but I’m not sure whether that description change happened after 0.7.3c or not.


yup indeed, thanks for clearing that up!

Nice. You can definitely go a few ways with this, that’s what is so nice about the game I feel. There’s really plenty of options and you can just use this guide as a baseline for your own builds. Good to hear you’re making it your own.

Thanks for the guide, also using it as a base for a ranged variant and levelling it as well.

Hi what summoner is best Necro or Druid
Also how far can this go in waves?
anyway thanks for the build :slight_smile:

not sure about the first question,
in waves, at some point your minions start dying, I think in my case around wave 80, and then it gets harder to have consistent DPS. For wave end-game, maybe the build should be tweaked to give the minions more survivability. I never tried super super end game, because there will be a reset and I don’t want to invest a ton of time into that.

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