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Necro to Slow? Try this

You guys asked for a faster necro minion build so here you go


I understand why you are call board man 21, it’s because you have 20 guys working with you doing build!!!

Thanks again for good work :slight_smile:

i wish lol

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I wonder where you get this saber?
and really good idea the dread shade for protection, currently having hard time with my necro on bosses, black sun ><
And unfortunately after a week of farming still no reflect for minion on chest of helmet

the humming bee randomly just drops i think you might be able to gamble for it even, but ive had about 20 of them drop over the last few months.

thanks! playing a lot theses days but wasent so lucky with loot :slight_smile: as soon as I drop one I will try it for sure, as it synergize super well with our big ward generation!

PS: I love your necro’s video, don’t change class :slight_smile:

Spent the whole video trying to figure out where the move speed was coming from and then as soon as I saw that humming bee I laughed out loud.

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