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Necro Hit Damage Build No Minions Needed

Low Life Marrow Shards Detonation waves 150+ High DPS good Survivability NECRO!

  • It’s good to see a Marrow Shards build.
    Off course playing Low Life is absolutey mandatory with this spell.

  • It appears that Dread Shade is so good that it’s better to drop the Lich Increased Damages boost, to have the Dread Shade’s Damage & Cast Speed Bonus. Do you agree?
    Dread Shade is maybe too strong, if it’s stronger than the Lich natural Master Class bonus.

  • Using a non specialised Golem is a creative idea. You could use a Bone Minion too, or even a Skeleton Vanguard. But it would need to change your skill trees.

  • I think you should really use Spectral Distance. You can be much more mobile with Spectral Distance + Almost immobile Minion!

  • Are you sure that Splinctering Impact works with the other main Bone Splinter node? I got a doubt.

Thanks for the video.