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Necro damage only Necromancer



Has anyone tried this at high level? Low myself with this build tryout but it’s going fine. Main DPS is/will be (only) Skelly Mages, Blood (aggro) Golem and Hungering Souls. Can stack minion & necrotic gear quite easily.


I’m not sure. Even in Alpha, there wasn’t much feedback on builds people have tried. Feel free to share your findings when you are done!


I’ve only gotten to 35+ on mine so far, it’s been fun. but not had enough playtime in monolith / gearing up minion damage enough to see.
I had blood golem, skel archers, wandering spirits, and rip blood (with hemophagy to help golumn heal).

seemed to be going good so far, need to upgrade my gear (still lots of the stuff from leveling). Will update when I work on the gear more and do a good chunk of monoliths / arena’s.


Id like to point out the necrotic damage mods on gear will not affect your minions. Only Hungering Souls. So I feel it will be fairly inefficient to get both. Better to stack int instead:)


Hi there ! I’m playing Necromancer full summoner Hardcore. Feels pretty good ! So 'cause of HC i had to increase my survivabilty - dmg was okay by minions.
Now i was able to craft some cool weapon and other gear. It feels pretty nice. Don’t forget to press “A” so you’re minions will always attack that Zone/Minion it really helps !

You can check my gameplay on twitch. Click on my avatar, there’s a signature - then go latest videos. I’ve done Wave 120 with S*** gear :smiley:

The best way to stack damage is Minion Damage / Minion phys Damage / Int.



Didn’t know that, good tip, thanks. Will focus minion damage and int. IIRC it’s “Authority” for the minion damage suffix.


Thanks for the game-play video but it’s really hard to see your skill trees, any chance of a screenshot or description please? Obviously your passives are set for HC but I’m curious as to the skills.


yeah ofc i’ll do that. maybe i make a guide or something like that (=
But overall i can say for skilltree - everything into phys dmg / crit / crit multi :smiley:


Hello. I play One Hungering Soul. I use the golem as bait and tank (but with a better opti I won"t need anymore . I’m 81.
I critik like 6-7k
It’s not bad but Need some Opti ( about survive and can probably x2 x3 damage ).
Playing crit/ necro / cast speed.
Sometimes it does AOE damages on stacked monsters ( I guess if you pick the spe skill +20% size one soul it could make AOE). The main thing is that you can kill ennemies pretty quickly and from a good distance. ( with the passive Wraith bringer. It provides you 25% to raise a spectre from a dead , which you provide some tanks )

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