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Named Stash Tabs

I’ve seen this mentioned only once when I searched on the forums, and it was in a multi-suggestion thread from last year.

I just wanted to give my support to this idea, and make a place for other players that are interested in this specifically to join in.

I’m a little over 200 hours into the game now and my storage is filling up quickly, my stash is a mess across all 6 tabs - and it’s getting hard to keep track of everything and find a home for items. Being able to rename stash tabs would give players an added ability to Sort beyond just the Sort function.

Thank you for Reading.

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Agree. Voted!

Yes. I like this

Sounds great. I’d also like to see more stash tabs which you could unlock by getting certain milestones like reach a 50 monolith streak, do 150 Arena waves. My stash tab is a mess as well and its filled up to the end. You could also make Arena Keys stack able to save some inventory space for those who do lots of Monolith runs and want to keep the keys for later.

I actually love this idea. Incentivize players to play the game and push the boundaries of content for more in-game storage. Much better system than simply paying for more space either with real money or an in-game currency.

Not only named but far more as well! I would happiely throw another 10 bucks at them for 5 stashes more.

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I think the plan is for us to be able to buy stashes for in game gold in future.

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That would be even better :D.

I’ll vote this up and go one farther, you want my money? I"LL BUY NAMED TABS. If you are planning on microtransactions and such… You’ll soak me for a lot of $$$ (Just ask GGG).



This will never happen, they explicitly said that there will be only cosmetics in the shop, any gameplay perks will only be obtainable by playing the game. Stash is a perk and won’t be purchasable with real money.

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Tabs are a quality of life item. Nobody is going to crit you in PVP with a tab. I hope you’re wrong.

Looking forwards to throwing MY MONEY at last epoch… FOR TABS.


It may not improve your ability to crit but it is a power gain for your account, allowing you better access to trading (when available) and gearing new characters. There will certainly be improvements to the stash, including more storage space, but according to the devs it will always be free which is awesome :slight_smile:

Hi guys, we do have renaming stash tabs planned. I don’t have a release time for this one but its something that we bring up internally from time to time and all agree we need to implement. We will also be implementing a way to increase the number of stash tabs you can have - likely via a gold cost.


SWEET. Sooner the better. If you guys do that… I promise I’ll $upport you in other way$ (cosmetics and such).

Can I just say Hammalujah!

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