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First of all, i like this Game,
i like the skilltree for active skills, i like the setting.
Im a Grim Dawn Player only so far(tried only POE and Wolcen), so cant compare much to other Arpgs. So far i played the warrir class, looking foward for the druid(shapeshifter)
What i miss in this game, a real minimap with zooming and moving, i dont like the tab map like in POE, i see the same like on the minimap.
Fight Feedback, in Grim Dawn u “feel” it more if u get hit or hit something, and on low hp u get a warning(Sound, Screen gets darker)
no difficulty lvls, and its too easy(for hardcore i have no time)
just moving with left button, i would rly like to use a (5th) skill on my right button, or even better a dodge/movementskill
technical, i have a ryzen 5 and 1050ti, it doesnt matter what i change in the settings, i have 35 to 45 fps, feels low, Grim Dawn and Wolcen i can play on high with 60fps and more, Grim Dawn i even doubled the density of mobs
would like to see bigger mobs here aswell, here u have even aoe autoattacks,
lvling early so fast with small mobs feels less good/rewarding and more “boring”, even more if u try new classes(and its more same storydriven and less fighting as in Grim Dawn)
i miss the passive “auras”
i miss selling with right clicking
why i have to compare items with a button, it should showing us it instant
i would like to see movement attack skills with just targeting the area, not an enemy
a good dodge mechanic would improve bossfights, in my opinion the only real thing what makes Grim Dawn wrong in every way, there u just depends on ur stats(and just stay on the boss,hit and rotate ur skills, sometimes for age,s and move out of area dot dmg) , and cause of the potion mechanic of arpgs, u (maybe just run away and) heal if needed, thats the reason i have hopes for wolcen, there is a dodge mechanic, i think in 2020 any arpgs should have bosses with mechanics which need dodge and not just stats, they shouldnt be 100% cc immun too, so u can stop them right timed or anything

thats the things which came in my mind after playing for second time today(i refunded on steam a week ago and bought on ur homepage today)
there will be coming more after playing more :smiley:

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ram usage is rly high, 10Gb from start,
the reqs on steam saying 8GB as optimum

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